We ever have a long conversation with some of our boutique store customer about next month how to choose a good quality display mannequin for their new shop to make decor .

Therefore, we have rounded up a few points for some young talented boutique store boss, who are really interested in our luxury display mannequin with golden or silver arms today.

This mannequin made of fiberglass material, also have 90 degree right angle shoulder,great looking shoulders,swan neck, small waist, tall and straight posture,photo as below:


Secondly, electroplating splicing process, full of sense of the future,three color charm, you can change it if you want,for the mannequin head and hand, have three different head and hand style let u choice,photo as below:



Display collocation guide, occupy your eyes, create an eye-catching window,bring different store image to per value customer.


1.With a cool hairstyle, the focus can be zoomed in seconds, and the rate of return is high.


2.C position in wearing,not bad than the fashion trendy,THE MOST IN,THE TASTIEST,AND THE HOTTEST.


3.Wearing wig,variety different style,nude mannequin display,easy to group and match.


About the arms, As shown in the picture, our product is equipped with advanced electroplating arms, golden or silver arm are most fashionable this year, which makes the people feel metal craft, punk style and stronger sense of power and fashion.



Golden Or Silver arms is not only original have strong afford ability can display clothing and clothing accessories,also have updated metal accessories design can easy to install and avoid the clothing to be destroyed ,also have nice electroplating process,touch feeling is very smooth and have mirror effect, so many luxury clothing brand love to use more this arms to decorate their own design in shop window. Designer also love to find more heavy metal element props.


Was looking absolutely fabulous as usual and we all wish to become more and more fashion and unique for our own design, each store have difference style, some are classical, some are young fashion, some are pretty cool,if u need cool and fashion store image,pls don't miss this mannequin style,can perfectly meet your require.

Buyer comment and reviews:



-Since the establishment of the brand, has been adhering to continuous update and iteration, seeking change and innovation.  For the majority of clothing brands, window display props to provide design, research and development of more better quality models, clothing hangers, wigs, jewelry display props, etc.. 


Anyway, the last but not least, where to buy such a beautiful female display mannequin?


You can check and buy from our website:Jelimate shopify website :




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