New Fashion Female Wide Shoulder Half Body Dress Form Mannequin Torso Style's Introduce

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how are you? we hope u are well ,we fully understand your pressure when choosing dress form mannequin torso. Because there are so many elements to consider. All elements such as material, size,function,application, and multi-choice can be a difficult task for all people. But calm down. In our blogs we will share some useful and specific information with you. Follow us to learn more about mannequin torso. Today, we’re going to share a few useful and specific information about wide shoulder dress form mannequin torso to help you know our product.

The following picture is today we plan to introduce the style


💘Product Name : Dress Form or Half Body Mannequin or Mannequin Torso or Display Mannequin or Adult Mannequin

💘Gender: Female

💘Color: Black

💘Material: Fiberglass

💘Arms: Detachable Black Wooden Arms

💘Base: Adjustble Height Black Square Base

💘Function: Oblique Pinable,Store Display ,Clothes display Jewelry Display,Window Display

💘Application: Jewelry Store,Window Display,Clothing Store,Wedding Store,Fashion School,Bridal Store,Fashion Designer,Fashion Design Student,Boutique Store and so on.

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Three different dress form mannequin torso style:

💨Style A: Mannequin Body+Black Square Base;

💨Style B: Mannequin Body+Black Wooden Hands+Black Square Base;

💨Style C: Mannequin Body+Black Wooden Hands+Head+Black Square Base


This is dress form mannequin torso size picture:        


💗Size: Shoulder Width : 37cm(14.6 inch),

💗Bust : 78 cm(30.7 inch) ,

💗Waist : 60 cm(23.6 inch),

💗Hip : 80 cm(31.5 inch),

💗Body Height : 75 cm(29.5 inch)

This is dress form mannequin torso application picture: 


  1. 💕Exquisite Shape : Compare with other normal dress form mannequin torso,our this product shape is very exquisite .
  2. 💕Multi-function: Compare with normal dress form mannequin torso,the material is fiberglass,can oblique pinable,also can display any couture,clothes and jewelry and so on,also can be used for store display,jewelry display and window display and so on
  3. 💕Wide Shoulder: Compare with other normal dress form mannequin torso,our this product shoulder more wide,easy to display some wide shoulder clothing
  4. 💕Sturdy Stand : The square base is durable enough to serve longer time and strongly support the whole mannequin and the base also can adjust the height according to your heart.
  5. 💕Great for display: You can use it to display your product in a window, on a counter, on the home,on the store ,on a tiered display shelf, or on the floor.
  6. 💕Carefully Selected:The female mannequin is made of high quality, eco-friendly materials, which have been carefully selected for their composition and reliability.
  7. 💕Convenient : Light weight and easy to move,It is convenient for you to move the mannequin and suitable for you to place anywhere you need it.


💖In Conclusion,this is we want to introduce to u full and specific information about this product and why u need to choose us reason,welcome everybody to know this product and choose this product,thanks.


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