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Female Male Kraft Paper Head Mannequin Vintage Hat Display Mannequin Head Hair Scarf Headband Wig Display Head Display Rack

Female Male Kraft Paper Head Mannequin Vintage Hat Display Mannequin Head Hair Scarf Headband Wig Display Head Display Rack

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The product is high end budding head display rack ,the design is very exqusite and noble,use it to dress up your store can grab customer's attention,use it to dress up your home can make your home become more neat and gorgeous,use it to display your product or design can get better showing effect.

Product Detail:


💕Style A: Head Heigth: 54cm ( 21.2 inch),Head Width: 21cm( 8.3 inch),Head Bottom Width: 21cm( 8.3 inch);

💕Style B: Head Heigth: 30cm ( 11.8 inch),Head Width:18cm( 7.1 inch),Head Bottom Width: 27.5cm( 10.8 inch).

👏2.Type :

💕 Style A: 54cm Height Head

💕 Style B: 30cm Head+ Acrylic Base

💕 Style C: 33cm Head+Gold Round Metal Base(Beige is linen fabric head,Other color all are velvet fabric head )


💕The material of head:Kraft paper;

🔺Color: White and Brown;

💕Base :Acrylic Base or Flat Bottom.

👏4.The head mannequin is made of high-quality, eco-friendly materials, which have been carefully selected for their composition and reliability;the paper is imported long fiber plant puree material,full color, folding resistance, strong compression toughness,design is very new and fashion.

👏5.Two high and low styles, the beauty is not limited, the low style is exquisite and compact, the tall style is slender, fashionable and versatile, different styles and spaces can be ingeniously integrated, and the material is green and environmentally friendly and recyclable.Honeycomb structure, safe to hang, hexagonal honeycomb bionic structure, 360 degree uniform force, even if the number of caps placed increases, it can safely bear the weight.Widen the base, not easy to tip, widen the base part , so that the center of the hanging objects is more concentrated, and the objects are not easy to slip off, the acrylic panel is reinforced, stable and flat.

👏6.The budding flower-like appearance design, beautiful and vitality stand in a corner, intimately store messy hats, every time when you return home, randomly put them at where, so that the messy hats also have a habitat, the space is tidy and orderly,  the mood also will become more good. 

👏7.With exquisite paper material and honeycomb structure as the bearing, with design power and technological innovation as the core, hope to reshape paper technique to arouse people's love and inheritance of paper art. While bringing joy, lightness and beauty, it also convey Love and cherish to whole nature

👏8.This elegant mannequin helps you or the potential buyers visualize your products.You could also use it to take products photography, it'll present your products in a professional way.It works well for showcasing your products neatly on a countertop, storefront, trade shows or home decor and so on.

👏9.Bud-like appearance design, with organ line texture, exquisite and beautiful, not only can be used as storage, but also as decorative ornaments.When folded, the whole is slim and does not take up space,it can be placed in a cabinet or drawer, and can be easily taken away when moving.Enclose the circle is ready to use and easy to assemble,after inserting the acrylic panel and attaching the velcro to it, the hat can be placed,the bottom acrylic panel can also be used for placed ornaments,one thing two use.

👏10.High Quality Female Wig Mannequin Head Retro Kraft Paper Boutique Head Mannequin for Scarf Necklace Cap Vintage Kraft Paper Mannequins Head for Hair Hats Scarf Wigs Display Vintage Kraft Paper Covered Long Neck Short Neck Abstract Mannequin Head Display Head Brown Wig Mannequin Head Stand Single Head  Female Brown Realistic Mannequin Head Without Hair Female Mannequin Heads Wholesale Head Dummy Mannequin Head For Sale Female Mannequin Wig Display Product European Beauty Scarf Hat Display Props Head Mannequin Half Body Mannequin Head For Wigs

🔺Remark: Pls mark or send phone number for each order delivery, as courier will contact you in time for delivery, you will no missing your products.

🔺Remark: The sunglasses ,headband ,earring and scarve of picture all is decorative,use for take photo,it is not sell product.

👉Return Policy: product ship from China and it's our lowest price for new shop, if not quality problem, we can't accept return, as delivery freight is too expensive.(be careful)

👉If you need bulk order, we can offer discount, pls contact our customer service. Welcome to purchase from our store, Your satisfaction is our no. 1 aim!

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