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Jelimate 170cm Height Gold Clothing Rack,Metal Garment Rack Wall,Boutique Shop Decoration Clothing Shelf,Golden Hanging Clothes Rack Clothing Store Rack

Jelimate 170cm Height Gold Clothing Rack,Metal Garment Rack Wall,Boutique Shop Decoration Clothing Shelf,Golden Hanging Clothes Rack Clothing Store Rack

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The product is gold coat rack ,the design is very modern and simple,use it to dress up your store can grab customer's attention,use it to dress up your home can make your home become more cozy and gorgeous,use it to display your product or design can get better showing effect.

Product Detail:

ūüĎŹ1.ūüíĖProduct : Gold Coat¬†Rack ;

ūüíĖClothing Display Rack Material :¬†Iron ;

ūüíĖClothing Display¬†Color: Gold ;


ūüíĖ100 cm Length Display Rack Size:¬†Pole Height¬†: 170¬†cm(¬†66.9¬†inch ),¬†Adjustable Height : 30-¬†160 cm (¬†11.8-63¬†inch ) ,Base Length¬†: 100¬†cm ( 39.4 inch ),Base Width :¬†40¬†cm (15.7 inch)

ūüíĖ120¬†cm Length Display Rack¬†Size: Pole Height¬†:¬†170¬†cm(¬†66.9¬†inch ),¬†Adjustable Height¬†: 30-¬†160 cm (¬†11.8-63¬†inch ) ,Base Length¬†:¬†120¬†cm ( 47.2¬†inch ),Base Width :¬†40¬†cm (15.7¬†inch)

ūüíĖ150¬†cm Length Display Rack¬†Size: Pole Height¬†: 170¬†cm(¬†66.9¬†inch ),¬†Adjustable Height¬†: 30-¬†160 cm (¬†11.8-63¬†inch ) ,Base Length¬†:¬†150¬†cm ( 59¬†inch ),Base Width :¬†40¬†cm (15.7¬†inch)

ūüĎŹ3.The¬†clothes rack is made of high-quality, eco-friendly materials, which have been carefully selected for their composition and reliability,fashion and simplicity, do whatever you want, careful machine in the corner.

ūüĎŹ4.Individuality and creativity hanging rack, simple design, smooth line touch feeling, highlighting geometric aesthetics.Double colors are available, matching various shops, not overwhelming, but restrained.

ūüĎŹ5.Strong marble base, polished surface, high smoothness, easy to clean, not easy to fade, excellent moisture-proof and waterproof function.This display holder was designed into a garment display rack so that you can easily put your dress, coat, pant, trouser,shirt,blouse,wedding dress,gown,underwear,skirt,sport wear,causal wear and so on.Perfect for shopping mall, boutique store ,supermarket and home.

ūüĎŹ6.This display design into a rack so that you can hang your top clothes or bottom clothes for easy viewing. This decorative display will add distinction to your decor. It is elegant and functional. Available in White Base Gold Pole Or Black Base Gold Pole.¬†

ūüĎŹ7.Strong package, professional installation, fast delivery, global delivery ; Usage: Shopping mall,retail store,clothing store, showroom,etc ;¬†have lots of cloth display racks¬†in stock !!

ūüĎŹ8.Use gold and white or gold and black union minimalism, abandon flashy decoration, retain pure practical needs, let the whole space clear and refreshing.

ūüĎŹ9.Fashion Costume Golden Display Rack Floor Style Clothing Store Decoration Props ,you could also use it to take products photography, it'll present your products in a professional way,It works well for showcasing your products neatly on a countertop, storefront, trade shows or home .

ūüĎŹ10.This luxury display rack is a perfect gift for any occasion,also it is perfect decor accessory on home or store,perfect for holding dress, coat, trouser and anything else you can imagine that can be also be given as a souvenir or gift.

ūüĎŹ11. Modern Simple Industrial Metal Clothes Garment Racks Pipe Golden Hanging Rods Gold Clothing Rack Boutique Display¬†Clothes Hanger Coat Rack Floor Hanger Storage Wardrobe Clothing Drying Racks¬†Clothes Drying Rack Portable Garment Dryer Hanger Clothing Rack¬†Gold Metal Clothing Rack Clothing Shelf For Clothing Store Display Rack Wholesale¬†Shopping Mall Special Iron Floor Display Rack Double Color Clothes Rack Clothing Display Stand¬†Shinny Gold Display Hanger Stand Stainless Steel Clothing Rack Metal Rack Shelf For Store Sales¬†Shinny Metal Gold Clothing Rack Retail Display Shelf¬†Multifunctional Single Pole Garment Rail Floor Clothing Organizer Clothes Hanger Rack With Low Price¬†High End Metal Garment Clothes Rack Stand Hanger Women Clothing Display Stand Clothes Display Rack for Showroom¬†Retail Store Fixture Hanging Clothes Custom Shop Design Metal Gold Clothing Dress Display Rack¬†Factory Made Clothing Store Retail Garment Display Racks Customized Women Men Boutique Clothing Shop For Ladies Gentleman¬†Wholesale Boutique Portable Clothing Racks On Wheels¬†Retail Store Women Men Clothes Shop Interior Design Decoration Furniture Ladies Clothing Clothes Display Rack Stand¬†Luxury Clothing Shop Stand Display Customized Clothes Rack Gold¬†Clothing Garment Rack Clothes Stand Rack With Top Rod And Lower Storage Shelf For Boxes, Shoes, Boots Clothes Rack¬†Gold Metal Display Rack Clothing Garment Store Display Furniture¬†Cheap Boutique Clothing Showroom Garments Racks Display Hanging Shelf Metal Racks¬†Metal Single Bar Floor Standing Clothing Display Rack¬†New Type Top Sale Luxury Standing Marble Base Clothes Hanger Hat Coat Rack¬†Coat rack Nordic Ins Light Luxury Bedroom Hanger Display Rack Floor Hanger Clothing Store Shelf Display Rack

ūüĒļRemark: Pls mark or send phone number for each order delivery, as courier will contact you in time for delivery, you will no missing your products.

ūüĒļRemark:¬†The sunglasses and hat of picture¬†all is decorative,use for take photo,it is not sell product.

ūüĎČReturn Policy: product ship from China and it's our lowest price for new shop, if not quality problem, we can't accept return, as delivery freight is too expensive.(be careful)

ūüíēWe are a sincere and honest manufacturer, so we will guarantee the quality and packing before delivery.

ūüĎŹIf you need bulk order, we can offer discount, pls contact our customer service. Welcome to purchase from our store, Your satisfaction is our no. 1 aim!

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