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Jelimate Colorful Male Female Mannequin Head Display Dress Form,Wig Hat Headband Sunglasses Jewelry Display Head,Women Men Torso Mannequin Head Stand

Jelimate Colorful Male Female Mannequin Head Display Dress Form,Wig Hat Headband Sunglasses Jewelry Display Head,Women Men Torso Mannequin Head Stand

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The product is fashion colorful male female mannequin head stand ,have many colors for your choice,the design is very creative and fashion,use it to dress up your store can grab customer's attention,use it to dress up your home can make your home become more cozy and gorgeous,use it to display your product or design can get better showing effect.This head display is a great choice to display bow tie, hats, scarves, jewellery, headphone, glasses, helmet, mask, wigs or hats can easily be pinned to the head. Can also be used as home show, ect.This head style is designed according to human head shape and designed with stability and comfort in mind, making your job much easier. It will be the great choice for clothing accessories display or store window display.

Product Detail:

👏1. Detail :

💕Item Name: Colorful Women Men Mannequin Head ;

💕The material of head : PVC Plastic ;

💕The color of head : Matte White,Beige,Glossy White,Red,Rose Red,Bright Black,Matte Black,Brown;


👏2.Size :


💕 Style : Head Circumference: 54cm(21.2 inch),Height : 35 cm (13.8 inch) ,Bottom Length: 17.5 cm (6.9 inch),Bottom Width: 13 cm (5.1 inch) .



👏1.The head mannequin is made of high-quality PVC material, sturdy and light, fine and durable, which have been carefully selected for their composition and reliability.Practical to display hat,jewelry, headband,glasses, sunglasses,headphones and VR glasses.

👏2.The best selling style, elegant atmosphere, simple and generous artistic model,exquisite velvet, superior materials and hand-wrapped technology. This professional mannequin head is designed for displaying and styling wigs, mask,sunglasses, hats, jewelries, scarves.

👏3.Putting aside the complicated design, the hand-made plastic head mold can show off the window style without worrying about matching. The style is stylish and atmospheric, full of elegant and fashion atmosphere.

👏4. The simple and generous plastic head mold is full of fresh breath, and the artistic curve has good visual effects. It is used for window display shooting, etc.

👏5.Product use: Jewelry display, sunglasses display, glasses display,hat display, headdress display, decorative props, display props,wedding head ,cap display,wig display,fashion show,store display,headband display,hairband display,headphone display,scarf display,veil display,necklace display,mask display ,etc.

👏6.This elegant head mannequin helps you or the potential buyers visualize your products.You could also use it to take products photography, it'll present your products in a professional way.It works well for showcasing your products neatly on a countertop, storefront, trade shows or home environment.

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🔺Remark: Pls mark or send phone number for each order delivery, as courier will contact you in time for delivery, you will no missing your products.

🔺Remark: The sunglasses ,headband ,earring and scarves of picture all is decorative,use for take photo,it is not sell product.

👉Return Policy: product ship from China and it's our lowest price for new shop, if not quality problem, we can't accept return, as delivery freight is too expensive.(be careful)

👉If you need bulk order, we can offer discount, pls contact our customer service. Welcome to purchase from our store, Your satisfaction is our no. 1 aim!

👍Gorgeous appearance and beautiful dress match, can definitely attract a lot of customers for the store.

CANADA will have tax fee, about 20USD, if you are not willing to paid tax fee, pls don't place order, as if you reject the parcel and ship back by DHL, we losing a lot of money, tks.

▲ Important!!!

🔺🔺🔺👉Terms of Return: Our policy is if not quality problem,we can't accept return goods because our mannequin and display props are ship from China, the Delivery Fee is expensive and we already paid ahead to the logistic company, once each shipment was done, delivery freight can not refund to our company so we can not return to buyer. But our customer service is always want to do 100% effort to service for each value customer. Should you not be satisfied with the product or just have a change of heart, we will gladly accept the return but return shipping fee need paid by yourself,and must are unused items and packaged well (If goods used, we can not make second sales) ,also when u decide to return,need confirm return shipping way with us,after received the goods and confirm the goods is ok,we will minus the shipping costs refund the monery to u, provided that it is within 7 days of your having received the item. Expired will not be refundable!!!

🔺🔺🔺👉Terms of Tax: When the goods entering or leaving a country all need make customs clearance,when your purchased product haven't meet the weight or volume limit about shipping way including tax fee, will have tax fee,all country people all need pay the tax fee, the tax fee is decide by your country customs,only have when the goods arrive in your country ,then your country customs will tell the courier exact tax fee,then the courier will tell u,pls know this,many thanks,if you are not willing to paid tax fee, pls don't place order, as if you reject the parcel and ship back by DHL/FEDEX/DPD,ETC., we will losing a lot of money, tks.

P.S: You can collect our store, because we have updated many new models and issued many promotion items.


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