Introducing Me: A Luxurious Fashion Full Body Men Mannequin of High End Clothing Store!

Introducing Me: A Luxurious Fashion Full Body Men Mannequin of High End Clothing Store!

Hello everyone,

We are excited to introduce our latest model prop – Jelimate 2023 New Fashion High End Male Full Body Dress Form Clothing Display Mannequin Torso Model. This is made of high quality fiberglass material ,also which have been carefully selected for their composition and reliability, allowing you to confidently display your clothing without worrying about the prop toppling over or becoming damaged.

Are you looking for a way to showcase your high-end clothing collection in a sophisticated and eye-catching manner? Look no further than the Male Full Body Velvet Mannequin, the perfect addition to any upscale clothing store. In this blog post, we will introduce you to this exquisite mannequin and explain why it is a must-have for your store.

Our full body dress form boasts a sleek and creative design that perfectly showcases any design of garment. It is the perfect addition to any fashion retail store, boutique, or fashion school seeking to elevate their visual merchandising displays.

Our model prop is especially popular in the European and American markets due to its sophisticated and trendy look. It is also ideal for online retail stores, fashion designers, and visual merchandisers who want to create stunning product displays or organize photoshoots.

Our male full body dress form also is a must-have for anyone in the fashion industry who wants to create visually appealing displays that capture the essence of their brand and product. Get your hands on this prop today and take your visual merchandising to the next level!


What makes the Male Full Body Velvet Mannequin special?

The Male Full Body Velvet Mannequin is a unique and elegant display option that adds a touch of luxury to your clothing store. Made from high-quality materials, this mannequin is designed to showcase your clothing collection in the most flattering way possible.


Product Detail:

💘Product Name : Adult Male Mannequin Full Body Colorful Velvet Dress Form 

💘Color: White,Silver Gray,Pink,Blue,Black

💘Material: Fiberglass

💘Arms: Gold Plated Arms Or Silver Plated Arms


💘Fabric: Velvet Fabric

💘Base: Gold Square Base Or Silver Square Base

💘Function: Store Display ,Clothing display,Jewelry Display,Window Display

💘Application: Jewelry Store,Window Display,Clothing Store,Wedding Store,Fashion School,Bridal Store,Fashion Designer,Fashion Design Student,Boutique Store and so on.


💘 Product Link


Size Chart Picture: 



💗Size: Head Circle : 59 cm(23.2 inch),

💗Shoulder Width : 42 cm(16.5 inch),

💗Bust : 88 cm(34.6 inch) ,

💗Waist : 75 cm(29.5 inch),

💗Hip : 94 cm(37 inch),

💗Body Height : 190 cm(74.8 inch).



Why choose the Male Full Body Velvet Mannequin?

There are several reasons why the Male Full Body Velvet Mannequin is the perfect choice for your high-end clothing store:


1. Attention to detail:


The use of male full-body velvet mannequins demonstrates a commitment to attention to detail. The mannequins can be customized to have realistic facial features, sculpted bodies, and articulated limbs, allowing for precise positioning and showcasing of the garments. This attention to detail creates a sense of authenticity and craftsmanship, enhancing the overall shopping experience.


2.Luxurious velvet fabric :


The mannequin is covered in a soft and luxurious velvet fabric that adds a touch of elegance to your store. The velvet fabric not only looks and feels luxurious but also enhances the overall presentation of your clothing collection.Male full-body velvet mannequins exude elegance and sophistication. The soft, plush velvet fabric adds a touch of luxury to the overall display. The smooth texture and rich color of the velvet create a visually appealing contrast against the garments, making them stand out and catch the attention of customers.


3. Flexible poses :


The Male Full Body Velvet Mannequin is designed with flexible joints, allowing you to pose it in various positions. This flexibility enables you to create dynamic displays that capture the attention of your customers and highlight the unique features of your clothing.


4. Versatility in Styling


These mannequins offer versatility in styling. The neutral color of the velvet allows for easy coordination with various clothing styles and colors. Whether it's a classic suit, a trendy casual outfit, or a formal evening attire, male full-body velvet mannequins can effortlessly showcase the range of options available in the store.


5. Enhanced Visual Appeal


Male full-body velvet mannequins enhance the visual appeal of the store. The luxurious fabric and lifelike features of the mannequins create a visually stunning display that captures the imagination of customers. The overall aesthetic appeal of the store is elevated, making it more enticing for customers to explore and discover the latest fashion trends.



6. Increased Sales Potential


Ultimately, the use of male full-body velvet mannequins can lead to increased sales potential. The sophisticated and visually appealing displays created by these mannequins attract customers and entice them to make a purchase. By showcasing the garments in an attractive and realistic manner, the mannequins help customers envision themselves wearing the clothing, ultimately driving sales.





In conclusion, male full-body velvet mannequins offer a range of advantages for high-end clothing stores. From their elegance and versatility in styling to their attention to detail and enhanced visual appeal, these mannequins contribute to creating a luxurious and immersive shopping experience. By investing in male full-body velvet mannequins, high-end clothing stores can elevate their brand image and increase their sales potential.


-Since the establishment of the brand, has been adhering to continuous update and iteration, seeking change and innovation.  For the majority of clothing brands, window display props to provide design, research and development of more better quality models, clothing hangers, wigs, jewelry display props, etc.. 


Anyway, the last but not least, where to buy such a beautiful female display mannequin?


You can check and buy from our website:Jelimate shopify website :


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