What Female Full Body Mannequin Do Fashion Designers Use? Jelimate Female Full Body Mannequin White Dress Form Model For You Reference

What Female Full Body Mannequin Do Fashion Designers Use? Jelimate Female Full Body Mannequin White Dress Form Model For You Reference

Luxury Brand Tommy Hilfiger Female Full Body Mannequin Clothing Display Picture



Jelimate Female Full Body Mannequin Clothing Display Picture




Jelimate Female Full Body Mannequin Product Detail :



💟💟Product Name : Jelimate Female Full Body Mannequin Or Female Full Body Painting Mannequin


💟💟 Color : White


💟💟 Material : Fiberglass


💟💟 Arms : White Wooden Arms


💟💟 Pose : 4 Different Standing Poses and 2 Different Sitting Poses


💟💟 Base : Silver Square Base Or White Chair


💟💟 Size : 


💖Style A/B/C (Standing Full Body) : Shoulder Width:38CM(15 inch),Bust:77CM (30.3 inch),Waist:60CM(34 inch),Hip:86CM(34 inch),Height:202CM(79.5 inch);


💖Style D (Sitting Full Body) : Shoulder Width:38(15 inch),Bust:77CM (30.3inch),Waist:60CM(24 inch),Hip:86CM(34 inch),Height:172CM(68 inch);


💖Style E (Sitting Full Body) : Shoulder Width:38(15 inch),Bust:77CM (30.3inch),Waist:60CM(24 inch),Hip:86CM(34 inch),Height:162CM(64 inch);

💖Style F (Standing Full Body) : Shoulder Width:38(15 inch),Bust:77CM (30.3inch),Waist:60CM(24 inch),Hip:86CM(34 inch),Height:200CM(79 inch).


💟💟 Application: Jewelry Store,Window Display,Clothing Store,Wedding Store,Fashion School,Bridal Store,Fashion Designer,Fashion Design Student,Boutique Store and so on.


Mannequin Advantages:


1.Enhanced Visual Appeal


Utilizing high end female full body mannequin can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your store, these models provide a sleek and modern look that can attract customers and make your clothing items more appealing.



2.Precision and Accuracy


One of the key benefits of using high level female full body mannequin is the precision and accuracy they offer. These models are designed to accurately display clothing items, ensuring that customers get a clear idea of how the garments will look when worn. This level of detail can help customers make informed purchasing decisions and reduce the likelihood of returns.


3.Efficiency and Time-Saving


By incorporating high grade female full body mannequin into your store, you can streamline the process of displaying and arranging clothing items. These models allow you to quickly and efficiently showcase different outfits without the need for manual adjustments. This can save time for your staff and create a more efficient shopping experience for your customers.


4.Professional Presentation


High Quality female full body mannequin provide a professional presentation that can elevate the overall image of your store. These models exude sophistication and style, creating a luxurious atmosphere that resonates with customers. By investing in quality display tools, you can establish your store as a reputable and high-end destination for fashion enthusiasts.



Luxury brand Tommy Hilfiger same mannequin style,if u are interest in this mannequin style,can purchase via following listing to purchase


Product Listing: https://jelimate.com/products/jelimate-adult-female-sitting-standing-pose-beige-mannequin-full-body-women-dress-form-beige-dress-form-mannequin-window-dress-form-clothing-display-model-%E5%A4%8D%E5%88%B6


Contact Information :


Contact Person: Loyal

Instagram :  mannequin_manufacturer

Whatsapp : +86-18938911354

Email : jelimate001@outlook.com




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