What is a full body mannequin of human used to show clothes in clothing shops?Jelimate High End Female Male Full Body Mannequin For You Reference

What is a full body mannequin of human used to show clothes in clothing shops?Jelimate High End Female Male Full Body Mannequin For You Reference


Luxury Brand Dior Full Body Mannequin Clothing Display Picture



Jelimate Full Body Mannequin Clothing Display Picture





Jelimate Full Body Mannequin Product Detail:



💟💟Product Name : Jelimate Female Male Full Body Mannequin Or Women Men Full Body Dress Form


💟💟 Color : Grey Linen


💟💟 Material : Fiberglass


💟💟 Head : Fabric Head Or Wooden Head


💟💟 Arms : Fiberglass Arms+Wooden Arms


 💟💟 Base : Silver Square Base 


💟💟 Size : 


💖Female Full Body's Size : Total height: 182 cm(71.6 inch),Head circle: 43 cm(16.9 inch),Shoulder width: 38 cm(15 inch),Bust: 81 cm(31.9 inch),Waist:64 cm(25.2 inch),Hip:87 cm(34.2 inch) 


💖Male Full Body's Size : Total height: 190 cm(74.8 inch) ,Head circle: 43 cm(16.9 inch),Shoulder width: 43 cm(14.6 inch) ,Bust:98 cm(38.6 inch),Waist:75 cm(29.5 inch) ,Hip:96 cm(37.8 inch). 


💟💟 Application: Jewelry Store,Window Display,Clothing Store,Wedding Store,Fashion School,Bridal Store,Fashion Designer,Fashion Design Student,Boutique Store and so on.



Mannequin Advantages:


👍👍High quality mannequin head, two types of heads for you choice , wooden mannequin head is made of natural solid wood technology, healthy and environmentally friendly, no odor, detachable and easy to install; cloth mannequin head is wrapped with multifunctional bamboo hemp fabric, high-quality fabric, no odor, detachable and easy to install



👍👍The fabric mannequin arms are wrapped with bamboo hemp fabric, hanging design, easy and quick to disassemble, no worries about dressing



👍👍Mechanical fingers, simulated joint design, visible details, solid wood manufacturing, healthy and environmentally friendly, no odor



👍👍Adopt high quality bamboo hemp fabric, with temperature regulation, anti-allergy, anti-static, antibacterial effects, long-lasting wear and not easy to pilling



👍👍Exquisite thin waist, exquisite stitching and routing technology, well-organized figure, graceful curves, bumpy and shaped, beautiful like a willow waist


Luxury brand Dior same mannequin style,if u are interest in this mannequin style,can purchase via following listing to purchase


Product Listinghttps://jelimate.com/products/jelimate-luxury-adult-female-male-dress-form-mannequin-bamboo-linen-display-mannequin-torso-with-wooden-head-arms-fashion-clothing-display-model-%E7%9A%84%E5%89%AF%E6%9C%AC?variant=44859360247978




Contact Information :


Contact Person: Loyal

Instagram :  mannequin_manufacturer

Whatsapp : +86-18938911354

Email : jelimate001@outlook.com





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