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Jelimate Colorful Jewelry Display Set Jewelry Display Bust Mannequin Hand Dress Form Jewellery Storage Necklace Ring Earring Stand

Jelimate Colorful Jewelry Display Set Jewelry Display Bust Mannequin Hand Dress Form Jewellery Storage Necklace Ring Earring Stand

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The product is jewelry display set ,the design is very exqusite and noble,use it to dress up your store can grab customer's attention,use it to dress up your home can make your home become more cozy and gorgeous,use it to display your product or design can get better showing effect.

Product Detail:

👏1. Type :

💖 Style 1 : Bust Form Only ;

💖 Style 2 : Hand +Holder ;

💖 Style 3 : Right Hand Only ;

💖 Style 4 : Straight Hand Only ;

💖 Style 5 : OK Hand Only .

👏2. Size :

💟 Style 1----Length:19 cm(7.5 inch),Height:27 cm(10.6 inch),Wide:6 cm (2.4 inch),Length:10 cm(3.9 inch) ;

💟 Style 2----Length:27 cm(10.6 inch),Height:9 cm(3.5 inch),Wide:11 cm(4.3 inch),Length:5 cm(2 inch) ;

💟 Style 3----Length:9 cm(3.5 inch),Height:22 cm(8.7 inch),Wide:10.5 cm(4.1 inch),Length:6 cm(2.4 inch) ;

💟 Style 4----Length:13 cm(5.1 inch),Height:30 cm(11.8 inch),Length:8 cm(3.1 inch) ;

💟 Style 5----Length:11.5 cm(4.5 inch),Height:18 cm(7.1 inch),Length:8 cm(3.1 inch).

 👏3.💖 Color : Blue , Black, White;

💖Material : Resin ;

👏4. The jewelry rack set is made of high-quality, eco-friendly materials, which have been carefully selected for their composition and reliability.

👏5. More simple more beautiful, small space display artifact, light and easy to handle, does not occupy space, meets the needs of small area display

👏6. High-strength resin material, tough, drop-proof, scratch-resistant, longer service life,it would be a great gift for yourself or your loved ones.

👏7. Well-made Jewelry stand and modern decoration as practical storage for jewelry;Jewelry can be stored and presented at the same time and is at the same time a modern geometric decorative art piece.

👏8. If you are looking for a home jewelry storage stand, this jewelry rack set is a perfect choice;It may as a stand for earrings, necklaces, chains and bracelets;It will perfectly fit into any interior and will be an attractive decorative element of your home.

👏9. Earring mannequin jewelry display bust to store or like a home jewelry stand for choker or small necklace and earring together ; If you need a mannequin stand to showcase the jewelry you sell and create photos to show customers how the jewelry looks "in action", this mannequin will be incredibly useful to you.

 👏10. This elegant mannequin helps you or the potential buyers visualize your products.You could also use it to take products photography, it'll present your products in a professional way.It works well for showcasing your products neatly on a countertop, storefront, trade shows or home environment.

 👏11. Elegant mannequin bust display stand resin mannequin head bust stand choker necklace jewelry rack display, ideal for displaying ring, necklace etc,great for shop retail or personal use.

👏12. High quality resin necklace stand jewelry mannequin head and body jewelry display mannequin necklace and earrings stand jewelry mannequin head and body earring mannequin bust jewelry display storage mannequin head stand home jewelry earring necklace organizer jewelry display holder jewelry organizer mannequin display jewelry stand earring display rack factory high quality head mannequin neck model jewelry display holder necklace mannequin necklace display bust jewellery display rack jewelry display bust for earring pendant necklace jewelry display stand holder high quality wholesale display mannequin head hand mannequin female hand mannequin necklace mannequin display stand jewelry display stand custom necklace bracelets earrings hanger pendant organizers storage jewelry storage jewelry holder stand jewelry display rack custom necklace bracelets earrings hanger pendant jewelry organizers jewelry storage jewelry storage jewelry holder stand jewelry display rack
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👉Return Policy: product ship from China and it's our lowest price for new shop, if not quality problem, we can't accept return, as delivery freight is too expensive.(be careful)

👉If you need bulk order, we can offer discount, pls contact our customer service. Welcome to purchase from our store, Your satisfaction is our no. 1 aim!

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