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JMSIZE8 Half Scale Female Dress Form For Pattern Making,1/2 Scale Miniature Sewing Mannequin for Women,Mini Tailor Mannequin for Fashion Designer Fashion School Draping Mannequin

JMSIZE8 Half Scale Female Dress Form For Pattern Making,1/2 Scale Miniature Sewing Mannequin for Women,Mini Tailor Mannequin for Fashion Designer Fashion School Draping Mannequin

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This is a mini dressform 1/2 size 8, half scale dress form, so it's not adult full size, not an adult, it's 1:2 for size 8. (Not an adult size).

For example, adult size 8 the bust is 89cm, and half scale is 44.5cm.

💕We are professional mannequin manufacturer for all kinds of tailor mannequin. and also offer luxury items for luxury brand. For help more designer so we open this shop and offer nice mannequin for oversea market.

💕This is our new mold and we know a lot of designer need size 8 mini mannequin and it's trouser half scale dummy, so you can make a small pant for the new pattern, as well as various kinds of dresses.

💕if you have big order, you can also contact us, we also can do customize size.

product details as below:

👏1. Size: Shoulder width:20cm(7.9 inch), Bust :44.5cm(17.5 inch), Waist: 34.5cm(13.6 inch), Hip :46.5cm(18.3 inch),Body height: 45cm (17.7 inch),Adjustable total height: Min:48cm(18.9 inch),Max:82cm(32.3 inch),Base Diameter:17cm(6.7 inch)

👏2.Half Scale Mannequin Material: fiberglass;Fabric: Cotton Linen good for tailor;Metal Base : Stainless Steel Metal Round Base;Neck Cover: Stainless Steel Metal Plate Neck Cover;

👏3.Standard Size & Perfect Sewing,Designer and School Student who major in Fashion Design can use this lovely items to do the cutting, template, sewing, and make the new and small size apparel.

👏4.As this is small desk form, so we also can give Children to make decoration, as well as we put it on the window shop for a decoration, it's also very traditional and classical visual enjoyment;it's not only can do customize the clothing, but also can display your difference scarves and jewelry ring, button make it like a bar, you can put your special design to the bust to make a new image, or the neck for a small V ring.

👏5.New Stainless Steel Metal Neck Cover,Look At the New Version Stainless Steel Neck Cover, we open our own mold for elegance design, as well as protect during long way delivery and durable for many years lifetime is longer. Make the half scale mini mannequin more better.

👏6.Metal Silver Screw& Tube,Strong Stainless Metal tube to keep the body stood steady, but must tighten as much as possible.

👏7.It can help people to save a lot of fabric material and sewing time compare of full size 1:1 adult garment, As we know before our cloth design come out perfectly and catch customer's eye will take many times, so do the test and see the style what we design again and again, change the color and design draft also can not avoided, designer's work will be complicated, Hence, i make this half scale mannequin, and change the black shoulder cap and neck cover, and use a good fitting fabric to cover it, hope can help more and more designer, hope this items can save designer's time.

👏8.Size 8 Female Half Scale Dress Form Mannequin for Sewing, Mini Tailor Mannequin Half Body Dressmaker Dummy for Pattern Making, 1/2 Scale Professional Women Model

🔺Remark: Pls mark or send phone number for each order delivery, as courier will contact you in time for delivery, you will no missing your products.

👉Return Policy: product ship from China and it's our lowest price for new shop, if not quality problem, we can't accept return, as delivery freight is too expensive.(be careful)

👉If you need bulk order, we can offer discount, pls contact our customer service. Welcome to purchase from our store, Your satisfaction is our no. 1 aim!

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