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Jelimate High End Male Female Torso Mannequin With Wooden Arms,Bamboo Hemp Mannequin Full Body Half Body,Jewelry Wedding Dress Clothing Display Dress Form

Jelimate High End Male Female Torso Mannequin With Wooden Arms,Bamboo Hemp Mannequin Full Body Half Body,Jewelry Wedding Dress Clothing Display Dress Form

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The product is 2023 new style light luxury female male full half body mannequin torso clothing model, match detachable wooden arms and removable head,have 4 different mannequin style for u chioce,the design are very beautiful and fashion, use it to dress up your store can grab customer's attention,use it to dress up your window can make your window become more shiny and gorgeous,use it to dress up your works can present perfect display effect, will make a superb addition to your life !

Product Detail:


💕 Mannequin Color : Grey Linen;

💕Mannequin Material : Fiberglass;

💕Mannequin Fabric: Bomboo Hemp Fabric;

💕Material for Arms :  Wooden Arms;

💕Base : Silver Square Base .

👏2.Style :

💖Style A: Female Half Mannequin Body+ Head +Wooden Hands +Square Square Base ;

💖Style B: Male Half Mannequin Body+ Head +Wooden Hands +Square Square Base ;


💖Style C:  Female Full Mannequin Body+ Head +Wooden Hands +Square Square Base ;


💖Style D: Male Full Mannequin Body+ Head +Wooden Hands +Square Square Base .

👏3.Size :

💖Female Half Body Size : Head Circle : 51.5 cm(20.3 inch),Shoulder Width : 39 cm(15.3 inch),Bust : 84 cm(33.1 inch) ,Waist : 63.5 cm(25 inch),Hip : 84 cm(33 inch),Body Height : 86 cm( 34 inch), Adjustable Total Height : 120 -206 cm (47.2-81.1 inch);

💖Male Half Body Size : Head Circle : 58 cm(22.8 inch),Shoulder Width : 43 cm(16.9 inch),Bust : 90 cm(35.4 inch) ,Waist : 83 cm(32.7 inch),Hip : 95 cm(37.4 inch),Body Height : 88 cm( 34.6 inch), Adjustable Total Height : 120 -208 cm (47.2-81.9 inch);


💖Female Full Body Size : Head Circle : 56 cm(22 inch),Shoulder Width : 39 cm(15.3 inch),Bust : 80.5 cm(31.7 inch) ,Waist : 61.5 cm(24.2 inch),Hip : 90 cm(35.4 inch),Body Height : 179 cm( 70.5 inch);


💖Male Full Body Size : Head Circle : 58 cm(22.8 inch),Shoulder Width : 43 cm(16.9 inch),Bust : 90 cm(35.4 inch) ,Waist : 76 cm(30 inch),Hip : 96 cm(37.8 inch),Body Height : 183 cm( 72 inch).

👏4. Advantages:

🔥1).The female male mannequin is made of high quality, eco-friendly materials, which have been carefully selected for their composition and reliability.Great for photography, display, and sewing,displays adult ladies clothing and accessories.

🔥2).Our mannequins are irreplaceable for home decor, jewelry store displays, presentation of various clothes and fashion pieces, wedding dresses, or a model for one of the best photographs you could ever make. In fact, this beautiful piece of art can grace any space in your home, your bedroom, your bath, your dressing area, your craft room, your dining space or your entry way.

🔥3).Light weight and easy to move,It is convenient for you to move the mannequin and suitable for you to place anywhere you need it.

🔥4).Sturdy stand ,the square base or round base is durable enough to serve longer time and strongly support the whole mannequin.

🔥5).Ideal for displaying jewelry,bag,wedding dress ,hair,cosplay,couture,wig,sweaters,hat, T-shirts, jackets,coat,cap,sunglasses,glasses,sweatshirt,watch,bridal gown,suit,gown,headband,hairband,sport wear,casual wear,scarf,dresses, jewelry,blouses, tops and accessories.

🔥6).Great for display ,you can use it to display your produce in a window, on a counter, on a tiered display shelf, or on the floor.

🔥7).The Slub Linen Fabric material that the mannequin is dressed with gives a unique and rich look, but it is also very useful and practical, it is an inevitable tailor dummy for your workplace.

🔥8).High Grade Female Mannequin Torso,Women Wedding Dress Display Model,Bamboo Hemp Fabric Clothing Dress Form,Adult Props with Wooden Arms economy wooden articulated arms adjustable base natural linen female mannequin dress form Adult Female Torso Dress Form Linen Adult Female Dress Form Mannequin Torso with Thighs and Base Luxury Fiberglass Lady Mannequin Display Clothing Women Dress Form Velvet Full Body Female Mannequin with Wooden Flexible Arm Clothing Store Elegant Fashion Women Torso Adjustable Mannequin Stand Half Body Female Mannequin

🔺Remark: Pls mark or send phone number for each order delivery, as courier will contact you in time for delivery, you will no missing your products.

👉Return Policy: product ship from China and it's our lowest price for new shop, if not quality problem, we can't accept return, as delivery freight is too expensive.(be careful)

👉If you need bulk order, we can offer discount, pls contact our customer service. Welcome to purchase from our store, Your satisfaction is our no. 1 aim!

👍Gorgeous appearance and beautiful dress match, can definitely attract a lot of customers for the store.

CANADA will have tax fee, about 20USD, if you are not willing to paid tax fee, pls don't place order, as if you reject the parcel and ship back by DHL, we losing a lot of money, tks.

▲ Important!!!

🔺🔺👉Terms of Return: Our policy is not accept return goods because our mannequin and display props are ship from China, the Delivery Fee is expensive and we already paid ahead to the logistic company, once each shipment was done, delivery freight can not refund to our company so we can not return to buyer. But our customer service is always want to do 100% effort to service for each value customer. Should you not be satisfied with the product or just have a change of heart, we will gladly accept the return but must unopened items (If goods used, we can not make second sales) ,so even buyer return the goods,we will minus the shipping costs and a 10% restocking fee, provided that it is within 7 days of your having received the item. Expired will not be refundable!!!

P.S: You can collect our store, because we have updated many new models and issued many promotion items.

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