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Jelimate Outdoor Indoor Standing Posture Dog Mannequin Beige Black Leather Pet Dog Ornaments Store Office Bedroom Home Animal Decoration

Jelimate Outdoor Indoor Standing Posture Dog Mannequin Beige Black Leather Pet Dog Ornaments Store Office Bedroom Home Animal Decoration

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The product is dog mannequin, the design are very beautiful and cute, use it to dress up your store can grab customer's attention,use it to dress up your home can make your home become more cozy and gorgeous,use it to dress up pet party can create a warm party atmosphere, will make a superb addition to your life decoration!

Product Detail:

👏1.Size : Dog Height:31cm(12.2inch),Dog Length: 44cm(17.3inch),Neck Circumference: 25cm(9.8inch),Chest Circumference:36cm(14.2inch),Back Length:21cm(8.3inch)

👏2.Dog Model Color : Black Or Beige ; Dog Model Material :PU Leather

👏3.Function : Can perfect display all kinds of exquisite or luxury pet dog clothes or pet dog accessories;Classic pet model for pet clothing display, four feet can be bent at will, can be changed into climbing,  sitting posture, etc.

👏4.Widely used for home decoration,perfect to decorate your house, room, store,garden,lounge, bedroom,trade show,pet park, event , exhibition show and so on.

👏5.The dog manneuqin is made of high quality, eco-friendly materials, which have been carefully selected for their composition and reliability.

👏6.Adorable facial expression, attract your girl heart , cute and interesting;Enrich the window, add interest to the photos.

👏7.The pose and shape are very realistic and Lifelike ,Improve the home environment, increase fun, add highlights.

👏8.The props dog can easily solve the trouble problem of real dog's photography,such as: difficult to grasp posture,need to mobilize the dog's emotions,spend a lot of time looking for status and so on problem.

👏9.Black Standing Posture Dog Mannequin For Sale Beige High Quality Leather Pet Dog Model Available Fashion Animal Model Floppy Ears Canine Dog Mannequins Windows Display Pet Mannequin Dog Display Model Pet Clothing Dog Clothes Display Mannequin fabric dog mannequin dress form dog clothes display mannequin standing posture display dog model mannequin custom animal mannequin dog mannequin black beige dog mannequin display high quality durable and high grade leather dog mannequin for sale

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