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Jelimate High Quality Plastic Mannequin Hand Manikin Cosmetic Hat Ring Jewelry Accessories Display Hand Mannequin For Nails Female Decoration Hand Model

Jelimate High Quality Plastic Mannequin Hand Manikin Cosmetic Hat Ring Jewelry Accessories Display Hand Mannequin For Nails Female Decoration Hand Model

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The product is 2023 New Fashion boutique store window omnipotent and all-match plastic mannequin hand model props,multi-purpose in one hand,everything can be display,have three different styles for u chioce,the design is very modern and simple,use it to dress up your store can grab customer's attention,use it to dress up your home can make your home become more cozy and gorgeous,use it to display your product or design can get better showing effect.This item is great for holding or displaying rings, necklaces,sunglasses,shoes,bags,hats,cosmetics,bracelets,makeups,watches and nail art, along with other jewelry and fashion accessories. Wonderful accent piece for any home decor or retail display or store display!

👏1.Product Detail:

💖Product Name: Display Mannequin Hand ;

💖Hand Material : ABS Plastic ;

💖 Color: Natural Wood Color;

💖Hand Base:  Witout Base Or Black Round Base Or Black Square Base.

👏2. Size:

💟 Style A Hand Size:  Finger circle: 5 cm(2 inch),Palm circle: 19 cm(7.5 inch),Wrist circle:14 cm(5.5 inch),Palm length: 17.3 cm(7 inch),Length: 26.5 cm(10.4 inch),Wrist length: 9.3 cm(4 inch),Bottom circle:16.5 cm(6.5 inch),Base diameter: 5.2 cm(2 inch);


💟 Style B Hand Size: Finger circle: 5 cm(2 inch),Palm circle: 19 cm(7.5 inch),Wrist circle:14 cm(5.5 inch),Palm length: 18.5 cm(7.3 inch),Length: 36 cm(14.2 inch),Wrist length: 18 cm(7.1 inch),Bottom circle:16.5 cm(6.5 inch),Base diameter: 9.5 cm(4 inch);


💟 Style C Hand Size:  Finger circle: 5 cm(2 inch),Palm circle: 19 cm(7.5 inch),Wrist circle:14 cm(5.5 inch),Palm length: 17.3 cm(7 inch),Length: 46 cm(18.1 inch),Wrist length: 28 cm(11 inch),Bottom circle: 22 cm(8.6 inch),Base diameter: 12 cm(5 inch);


💟 Style D Hand Size: Finger circle: 5 cm(2 inch),Palm circle: 19 cm(7.5 inch),Wrist circle:14 cm(5.5 inch),Palm length: 18.5 cm(7.3 inch),Wrist length: 18 cm(7.1 inch),Bottom circle: 20 cm(8 inch),Base diameter: 6.2 cm(2.4 inch),Adjustable height: 53.5-64.5 cm(21.1- 25.4 inch),Base Length :15 cm(5.9 inch),Base Width :12.5 cm(4.9 inch).

👏3. Advantages:

👏1).The mannequin hand is made of plastic materials, which have been carefully selected for their composition and reliability.Flexible finger can move difference posture.The wrist ball can do 180 degree rotate, only up and down forward.

👏2).This posable human hand is a great tool to learn how to draw and sketch. Can also be used as an attractive moveable sculpture.Suitable to display jewelry, such as rings, bracelets, watch, necklaces, etc. And also for display gloves.This hand statue model imitate real human hand ratio, suit for hand post styling.

👏3).The mannequin hand with sectioned flexible fingers,It is a great reference tool for professionals and students who are practicing sketching and drawing, it also doubles as an attractive moveable sculpture.This jewelry display holder was designed into a mannequin hand so that you can easily put your glove, rings, wristwatch, or bracelets.Perfect for shopping mall, jewelry store and home.

👏4).Each joint energy activities freely, allows kids to fully play their imagination to creat different postures, develop the baby's hands-on ability at the same time.This display design into a hand form so that you can hang your rings or bracelets for easy viewing. This decorative display will add distinction to your decor. It is elegant and functional.

👏5).High end professional counter quality, used to display jewelry, jewellery, scarves,glasses,wallet,gloves,hat,cap,ornament, sunglasses ,etc.Useful Mannequin Model for Artwork,It is perfect for painting, which it can help you draw accurately the hand movements. Arts students or people who love painting do need a such model.Multifunction with Flexible Fingers,Also can be Pen Holder / Phone Holder for room desk decorations.

👏6).This elegant mannequin hand can helps you or the potential buyers visualize your products,prefect for ornaments/glasses/hat/sunglasses/glove/wallet displaying,also is a great spot for your necklace, bracelet, ring,watch/jewelry display,also is a great artist tool for drawing, sketching, jewelry making, and glove sizing,also can perfect to use as a moving model reference for your sketches and paintings. Capture all the different aspects of human hand without using a human model.

👏7).Lifelike mannequin hand mold display props ring sunglasses jewelry accessories hand display model ,you could also use it to take products photography, it'll present your products in a professional way,It works well for showcasing your products neatly on a countertop, storefront, trade shows or home .

👏8).This hand model is a perfect gift for any occasion,also it is perfect decor accessory on a bookshelf or dresser,perfect for holding rings, necklaces, watch and anything else you can imagine that can be also be given as a souvenir or gift.

👏9). Female Mannequin Hands Ring Display Holder Plastic Mannequin Hand Watch Jewelry Display Model For Sale Realistic Mannequin Hand Display Jewelry Bracelet Ring Glove Stand Manikin Hand Factory Custom Wholesale Fashion Mannequin Hand Ring Display Stand Resin Mannequin Hand Model Ring Holder Bracelet Bangle Necklace Display Stand Wood Hand Mannequin Display Women Mannequin Hand With Metal Base Female Decorative Hand Model Jewelry Display Holder Clothing Store Window Decoration Hand Articulated Mannequin Hand Showcase Mannequin Hand Bend Mannequin Hand Flexible Hands For Sale Adjustable Fingers Hand Mannequin With Base Boutique Mannequin Hand for Glasses Jewelry Display Jewelry Display Stand Wood Hand Mannequin For Sale Movable Mannequin Hand Jewelry Display Mannequin Jewellery Stand Mannequin Jewellery Display Mannequin Female Body Mannequin Body Form Mannequin Torso Female Mannequin Torso Display Mannequin Torso Stand

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